Special Education


Ms. Jennifer Reeck

email: jennifer.reeck@tesfainternationalschool.org

Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Science in Education from Millersville University of Pennsylvania and Post Baccalaureate Certification in Special Education from Millersville Universities’ College of Graduate and Professional Studies.  Jennifer resides in Edina, Minnesota with her husband and two teenage children. When she is not at teaching, she enjoys being with her family, traveling, and watching her children participate in sports.
 Her goals as a teacher include; making sure to reach each child where they are, and helping them to grow both socially and academically, create a nurturing, organized classroom community where every student feels safe to take risks in their learning, and treat every member of our classroom with respect. She also believes it is important to build a partnership with each child’s family, because together we all can make a difference!


Ms. Malaney Peterson

email:  malaney.peterson@tesfainternationalschool.org

Last year I was a 4th Grade Teacher, and the prior year I was a long term substitute here at Tesfa where I taught 1st grade, and I’m so excited to be back again this year! In 2014 I earned my bachelors degree in Science and Math for Elementary Education from the University of St. Thomas. During the 2015-2016 school year I worked wth YMCA Beacons program to teach Science and Art classes to 3rd-5th graders after school. When I’m not teaching I love running with my dog, biking, camping, reading and spending time with family and friends. I’m so excited to share my love of science and art with students this year and I can’t wait to see everything we will accomplish together!


Mr. James Cosgrove

email:  james.cosrove@tesfainternationalschool.org



Ms. Falis Mohammed

email:  falis.mohammed@tesfainternationalschool.org


Mr. Hussen Kelifa

email:  hussen.kelifa@tesfainternationalschool.org


Mr. Amin Kalifa

email:  amin.kalifa@tesfainternationalschool.org

Ms. Jill Phillips

email: jill.phillips@tesfainternationalschool.org

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