Mission and Vision

Mission: Tesfa International School is committed to providing an equitable and empowering education for all.  Our scholars will engage in a transdisciplinary curriculum supported by conceptual and inquiry based learning. Side-by-side with dedicated educators, scholars will develop the knowledge, skills, and characteristics necessary for active citizenship throughout the world.

Vision: Our students will be prepared for a successful transition to the most rigorous and challenging middle school programs. Through their experience at Tesfa, students will be held to the highest of standards both academically and socially, to prepare the students for college and careers, as well as with the leadership skills required of active and productive citizens in the 21st century. Through access and equity, students will follow a pathway to success for themselves and their communities.

The scholars of Tesfa will perform above state average in all subject areas and on all standardized assessments. Our students will show great career and college readiness and our rigorous international curriculum will provide our students access to great opportunities beyond their K-12 education. Tesfa students will enjoy an experience free from the equity gap prevalent in many other Minnesota schools.

Tesfa’s students will grow to be active citizens in their community. Our goal is to prepare students to know how to be inquirers and thinkers, and how to apply their knowledge to real world situations. Through an appreciation for others, the arts, different perspectives, and a common humanity, students will put into practice their actions by contributing to positive change in their communities and their world.

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