Ms. Becky’s Monday Morning Message

Good morning scholars,

Welcome back to school.  I hope you had a wonderful break and were able to spend time with family and friends. It is important to stay balanced and take care of your body, mind, and soul!

It is time to open your minds and hearts to another day of learning.    As a PYP student, we expect you to take a personal responsibility for your education and time management. We would like you to try doing this by filling in the sentence below either independently or with your class:

“Today I want to improve ….. because….  I plan to do this by ….”

There have been a few times that I have asked questions in my message and students have written  responses on the blog.  We love when this happens as it shows your communication skills and commitment to learning.  Hopefully, we will be able to hear about what you or your class is  wanting to improve.

Stay curious!
Ms. Becky

Ms. Becky’s Morning Message

HELLO appreciative students, images-1.jpeg

Today is is the 44th annual World Hello Day!   World Hello Day began in response to a conflict between two nations in 1973. Since then, World Hello Day has been observed by people in 180 countries.  It is a day where we celebrate the power of using effective and peaceful communication to solve conflicts instead of force. Anyone can participate in World Hello Day simply by greeting ten people. We do this to demonstrate the importance of communication. Here are just a few other ways to say hello:

Konichiwa (koh-Nee-chee-wah) is hello in Japanese.
Jambo (JAM-bo) is hello in Swahili.
Hola (OH-la) is hello in Spanish.
Ni hao (nee-Ha-OW) is hello in Chinese.
Bonjour (bohn-Zhoor) is hello in French.
Buon giorno (bwohn-JOR-noh) is hello in Italian.
Annyong ha shimnikka (An-YOH HASHim-ni-kah) is hello in Korean.
Czesc (Chesht) is hello is Polish.
Zdravstvuite (ZzDRAST-vet-yah) is hello in Russian.
Al Salaam a’ alaykum (ahl sah-LAHM-ah-ah-LAY-Koom)) is hello in Arabic.
Think about how you will say hello today to promote peace!


This is a short week due to our American Thanksgiving Day holiday.  Please remind your families that Wednesday is an early release day! Even though it is a short week, we expect you to stay committed to learning by focusing on your work and be respectful by following teacher directions. We are confident that you are able to show us these Attitudes! Have a wonderful week and take time to give thanks and show your appreciation to those who support you.

Stay Curious!
Ms. Becky



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Ms. Becky’s Morning Message

Good morning kind and caring friends,

It is important that our scholars show kindness to one another so that we can do our best learning.  Students need to feel safe and respected not only in our classrooms but in the hallways, in the bathrooms, outside at recess, and on the bus. I want all my Tesfa scholars to understand that “if it is mean, we will intervene.” Small behaviors such as rolling your eyes, turning your body when someone is talking, and making mean or hurtful comments about others will not be tolerated. If you see these small mean things happening, you can take action.  I need my students to respectfully speak up against the things that are unkind and unfriendly.  Use my words…”Stop it. We use respectful words and body language in this school”. When you feel safe, you are ready to learn.  Thank you for helping to make Tesfa a place where everyone is accepted for who they are and uniqueness is appreciated and valued.

At Tesfa, we have students with many different types of beliefs. It is okay to have different perspectives but we must understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.  This Wednesday is the International Day of Tolerance. The International Day for Tolerance is a time for people to learn about respecting and recognizing the rights and beliefs of others. It is also a time of reflection. The purpose of this day is to educate people about the need for tolerance in society and to help us understand the negative effects of intolerance. Building tolerance and trust in diverse communities is not done overnight, but takes time and commitment. Change starts with you.

Ms. Becky’s Morning Message

Good Morning Curious Citizens and Future Voters,

This is a very important week in our country.  Tomorrow is election day and many adults around the country are excited to be active participants in the voting process. Even though you are not old enough to vote, it is still important to use your listening and thinking skills to become more knowledgeable about what is going on in our world.  As we anxiously await the results of the election, please be kind and respectful of opinions and viewpoints that are different than yours.

Remember, as a PYP Candidate school we: “encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.”

Curiosity is one of our PYP Attitudes. Being a curious learner is a very important skill.  Our goal is to help you develop your natural curiosity and teach you the skills necessary to conduct inquiry and research, and show independence in your learning. During our PYP Units of Inquiry, we encourage you to become curious about the nature of learning, the world, its peoples and cultures.

One of my favorite websites to promote curiosity is called Wonderopolis.  You can visit this site at to read super fun and interesting wonderings each day.  You will now see a Wondering Jar next to our Caught You bucket in the office. When you are wondering something, please write your wondering on a piece of paper and put it in the jar.  Each week we will highlight a few wonderings and may even ask you to help us find the answers to some of the questions. I cannot wait to hear what our curious learners are wondering!

Stay curious!

Ms. Becky

Ms. Becky’s Morning Message

Good morning peacemakers,

It is very important to start your day in a positive way. Some students start their school day at the bus stop, some may start the day at daycare, and others start school by getting dropped off by family members.  No matter how you are getting to school, I want to take a minute to remind you to Live, Learn and Leave a Legacy. Making peaceful and respectful choices when you are at the bus stop, on the bus or outside in the morning, helps to keep you and everyone else safe. Have integrity and do what is right, even when you think no one is watching.

Thank you for coming to school committed to learning something new each day.  Today is a day of learning just like any other day.  We realize that some of you may have exciting plans after school but we appreciate your focus and attention while at school.  If you are out in the community this evening, please remember to be safe and and treat all our neighbors and their property with respect.

Remember, it is your responsibility to come to school each day ready to learn, willing to participate, wonder and ask questions and make safe and respectful choices. We are looking to CATCH our scholars showing the PYP Attitudes! Will you earn a “Caught You” today?

Stay Curious!
Ms. Becky

Ms. Becky’s Morning Message

Salutations Students,

Welcome back to school! Each day is a new day, a day we get to start fresh and make new choices. Remember your classroom Essential Agreements?  Take time to review those today.  Reflect on your choices over the past month of school.  Think about the choices you make each day and the actions you take. Are you following your Essential Agreements?

The PYP Action cycle helps us learn and grow.  When we gain new knowledge, we need to think “What is my responsibility now that I have this new information?”  For example, if you know that walking quietly in the halls allows everyone to focus in classrooms as well as keeps everyone safe, make a choice to walk quietly and act this way every time in hall.  “Everyday Actions” or small choices you make daily show us how you are becoming a more knowledgeable, caring, and principled PYP student.

Our all school assembly is this Friday, October 28th.  This is a time for our whole school to come together to recognize all our hard work this month.  We have been focusing on the Attitudes of Respect and Integrity. Reflect on how you are showing these Attitudes each day at home, on the bus, in school and in the community!

Stay curious!

Ms. Becky