First Day of School!

Good Morning Tesfa Scholars, Teachers, Families and Friends!

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! We hope you are ready for a thrilling year of inquiry, discovery and learning.  It is so wonderful to see so many familiar faces back in classrooms.  As always, we are excited to welcome new friends to our Tesfa family.

Today I may stop by your classroom to say hello or may simply greet you in the hallway.  One quiet way to say hello while you are in the hallway is to give a friendly smile and a silent wave.  We do this to show respect as we do not want to disrupt the learning happening in the classrooms.  Practice this today!

This month you will be learning a lot about our procedures and expectations while getting to know your classmates and teachers.  We think it is very important for you to feel welcomed, valued and respected here at Tesfa.  At times we may need to get your attention to give you directions, tell you important information, or remind you of our expectations. In order to make sure everyone hears the same message, we will give our school-wide signal called “Give Me Five”.

When we raise out hand we should see:
1.  Eyes on the speakers
2.  Voices turned off
3.  Bodies calm and still
4.  Ears listening
5.  Hands free of materialsGMF_poster

We appreciate that you are here and are confident this will be another wonderful year at Tesfa. I believe in each and every one of you!

Stay Curious!
Ms. Becky

Now Enrolling for the 2016-2017 School Year!

We are growing and are now officially an IB PYP Candidate School!  If you are interested in joining our Tesfa school community, please call or visit us at 1745 University Ave W in St Paul to request an application.  We are located on the first floor and are excited to welcome new scholars to our school.  We currently have limited space in all grade levels k-6 grade.  Tesfa offers small class sizes, daily physical education classes, art education, and Arabic world language.

Proud partners with Global Academy and the Minnesota Twins Wives Organization!

Happy Last Day of School!

Dear Tesfa Scholars!

Can you believe it? It is the very last day of our very first year of school. I feel privileged to be a part of this Tesfa family. We care about each other and we are committed to challenging ourselves be the very best that we know we can be. I am so proud of you all.

We have shared successes, celebrated amazing moments, and even cried together. Through PYP, we learn to take risks, ask complicated questions, and make connections. We have been on an adventure together, expressed our creativity in new ways, and built relationships that will hopefully last a lifetime.

I wish you a safe, peaceful, and joyous summer. I wish all of our sixth graders the best of luck as they transition to a new school. I wish all our friends who are traveling to new schools, new towns, or new states confidence and courage on their new adventures. I believe in you and know you can and will achieve great things in life. I hope to see many of you back at Tesfa next year!

Thank you for welcoming me into your hearts and minds.   I love you all and I wish you the courage to do extraordinary things.

Until next year…

Stay Curious!

Ms. Becky

Ms. Becky’s Tuesday Morning Message

Good morning scholars,

I hope you had a lovely weekend full of laughter, relaxation and fun. As we transition into the month of June, we look forward to warmer weather, more daylight hours, and sunny skies. This month also marks a time for reflection.

Being reflective means you give thoughtful consideration to your own learning and experiences. You can assess and understand your strengths and limitations in order to help yourself grow. I want you be a PYP reflective student and think about what you understand, what is still unclear, and what you can do to find information to better understand. When we take the time to reflect, we can give purpose to our actions.

As the year comes to a close, reflect on your choices. The artist Vincent Van Gogh once said, “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” What are the small things you are doing on a daily basis to make our school, community, and world a better place.  We expect everyone to follow the essential agreements of the school all day, every day, until the very last day of school.  Every day you are in school is a day of learning.

I am not sure if you know this about me but I LOVE to sing and dance because it makes me feel happy. I would like to share a video with you about being confident. I hope you feel confident in your ability as a learner, have the courage to take risks, apply what you have learned and make appropriate decisions. Some times we need to take time to spread a little joy.


Stay curious!

Ms. Becky

Ms. Becky’s Monday Morning Message

Good morning scholars!

It is normal to get excited about the year coming to an end but we should also take time to reflect.

  • What did you enjoy learning about the most this year?
  • Did you achieve the hope and dream you set for yourself in August?
  • What will you remember most about _____ grade?

I encourage students AND teachers to reflect as a classroom community.

1.  Celebrate the successes 

When you look back over the year, what stands out?

2.  Appreciate the struggles
Life is a learning adventure. Where did your adventure take you this year?

3. Set a goal for next year 
Did you try something new this year that you want to improve on next year?  Take a moment to envision what you’d like to do “next time.”

So while we get excited about saying hello to summer, remember to appreciate all that you’ve accomplished this year. You have worked hard and will continue to do so until the very last day.  Stay focused and be a proud member of this Tesfa family.

Stay Curious!
Ms. Becky!

Ms. Becky’s Monday Morning Message

Salutations scholars,

Please welcome Ms. Nancy to Tesfa!  She will be the Assistant Director while Ms. Lauren is out with her baby.  You may still see Ms. Lauren around school today as her baby has not yet arrived.  Please make sure to say goodbye to her as we will likely not see her again until next year!

Sometimes I come across really interesting quotes or pieces of information that make me think. I want you to read the statements below:

“The only justification we have for looking down on someone is that we’re going to stop and pick them up.” – Jesse Jackson

Think of this statement the next time you are questioning someone’s actions or behaviors. Think less about what they’re doing wrong and more about how you can help make it right. What connections can you make from reading this?

We all have choices to make each day.  Some of those choices are big and some are little. Whatever choice you make has a consequence, some are good and some are not so good. Be thoughtful and make choices that are respectful and promote peace and kindness. If you want things to change, you need to take action!  How will you take action and promote change?

Stay Curious!
Ms. Becky


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