Ms. Becky’s Morning Message

Happy Monday PYP Friends,

Every student deserves to feel safe at Tesfa. Students show they are safe by learning to solve problems peacefully. Hitting, pushing, shoving and any other physical contact are hurtful actions and never help to solve problems.

Being a communicator can help others understand what you need. If you need someone to change their behavior, offer them an “I-Statement”.  An example of an “I-Statement could look like this:

I feel annoyed because you keep distracting me when I am working.  I need you to stop talking to me when I am trying to learn.”

When trying to solve a problem with a friend, try using an “I-Statement”.
Sometimes we are faced with tough choices. People may say or do things that make us mad or hurt us. Others may choose to not follow directions even when told. It is important to remember that even when faced with a difficult situation, you have choices. We ask that you, a PYP student, reflect on the choices you make each day. What do your actions say about your commitment to being respectful and knowledgeable students? Remember, every day is a new day with new opportunities.

As PYP teachers, our goal is to ensure you leave us each day knowledgeable and thoughtful about the world.  We hope you grow up to be adults filled with commitment, integrity and empathy.

How can you show your commitment during math or demonstrate empathy during work time?  Practice being confident and independent in your communication skills by writing everyday. Show appreciation and respect by being a good listener. With effort and cooperation, you can and will achieve your hopes and dreams.  I am so proud to be your PYP Director!

Stay Curious!
Ms. Becky

Ms. Becky’s Morning Message

Good Morning Tesfa Family!

Welcome back to another wonderful week of learning. During the past weeks we have continued to learn about routines, get to know our classroom community, and build academic stamina. Please remember to do your best and show what you have learned each day We hope you are learning to take risks and be yourself here at Tesfa.  We appreciate each and every one of you.

Wednesday is the International Day of Peace, a day when special activities and celebrations take place all over the world to encourage and support peace.  This day, otherwise known as “Peace Day”, provides an opportunity for people, organizations and nations to create practical acts of peace.  What is one way you can promote peace?

Thursday is the first day of fall.  It is time to start thinking about sweater, jackets and raking leaves.  During this season the weather turns cooler, the daylight gets shorter and the leaves change color.  What else do you notice or wonder about this season?

A great way to enjoy a beautiful fall day is to cuddle up with a good book.  When looking for a good book, you want to find one that is not too easy, not too difficult, but is just right. I hope you enjoy a “just right for you” book this week.

Stay Curious!
Ms. Becky

Ms. Becky’s Morning Message

Welcome back scholars!

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend filled with family, friends and smiles. Speaking of smiles, tomorrow is picture day!  Please remember to bring back your picture order forms if you want to buy pictures.  Everyone will get their picture taken, even if they do not want to buy one.  You DO NOT need to wear your uniforms tomorrow for picture day.  We call this a NO UNIFORM DAY!


This Friday you will learn about Constitution Day. Constitution Day honors the formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution by thirty-nine brave men on September 17, 1787, recognizing all who, are born in the U.S. or by naturalization, have become citizens.  What are you wondering about this day? Where could you look to find answers to your questions?

I appreciate all your hard work and commitment to do your best each day. As a PYP community of learners, we encourage you to show your curiosity. A curious leaner asks questions. We ask questions to:

  • Gather more information
  • Understand another perspective
  • Make a prediction

Reflect : What good question have you asked lately?

Stay Curious!
Ms. Becky

Ms. Becky’s Morning Message

Salutations Safe and Cooperative Students,

Today we welcome two new faces to our Tesfa family.  Ms. Nicole will be our Assistant Director this year and Ms. Patti will be working alongside Ms. Mariam as our Office Manager.  Please give them a beautiful Tesfa smile and wave as you see them today.  Fear not everyone, Ms. Lauren is using her amazing talents to educate our first grade scholars this year so you will continue to see her in our school. Together we are all working to make Tesfa the best school ever!

Each day we hope you come to school enthusiastic and willing to learning new things. We appreciate your commitment to learning and also your confidence to ask questions when you don’t understand. We respect students who show independence and work to solve their own problems.

Do you recognize the words in bold? You got it…these are our PYP Attitudes. As members of a PYP community, we work hard to think of creative ways to teach you what these attitudes mean.

This week we will have our first fire drill.  During a drill, we practice what we would do in case of a real emergency.  When you hear the announcement, please follow your teacher’s direction and move quietly and calmly.  It is important that you do not talk during an emergency (or a drill) so you can hear any directions your teacher may need to give you in order to keep you safe.  We will practice many different ways we keep you safe throughout the year. Please show integrity during this event.
Stay Curious!
Ms. Becky

p.s. Which two of the twelve Attitudes are missing?

Ms. Becky’s Monday Morning Message

Happy Monday Scholars,

Over the past few days I have seen many classrooms working hard to get to know one another and build community.  It is important to understand we are all part of this Tesfa  family. In this family we will support, respect, and value each and every person.  At Tesfa we expect you to Live, Learn and Leave a Legacy.

Live the Profile by practicing the 10 Attributes. We do this by being knowledgeable, caring, open-minded, thinkers, courageous, principled, communicators, balanced, inquirers, and reflective.

Learn through inquiry by asking questions and being engaged in learning.

Leave a Legacy by taking action to make our school, community and world a better place.

This month we will explore our Hopes and Dreams for the new school year.  A Hope and Dream is a goal that you have for yourself.  Soon you will be sharing and celebrating your hopes and dreams with your class.  I can’t wait to hear about your goals for the year!


Stay curious!

Ms. Becky

First Day of School!

Good Morning Tesfa Scholars, Teachers, Families and Friends!

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! We hope you are ready for a thrilling year of inquiry, discovery and learning.  It is so wonderful to see so many familiar faces back in classrooms.  As always, we are excited to welcome new friends to our Tesfa family.

Today I may stop by your classroom to say hello or may simply greet you in the hallway.  One quiet way to say hello while you are in the hallway is to give a friendly smile and a silent wave.  We do this to show respect as we do not want to disrupt the learning happening in the classrooms.  Practice this today!

This month you will be learning a lot about our procedures and expectations while getting to know your classmates and teachers.  We think it is very important for you to feel welcomed, valued and respected here at Tesfa.  At times we may need to get your attention to give you directions, tell you important information, or remind you of our expectations. In order to make sure everyone hears the same message, we will give our school-wide signal called “Give Me Five”.

When we raise out hand we should see:
1.  Eyes on the speakers
2.  Voices turned off
3.  Bodies calm and still
4.  Ears listening
5.  Hands free of materialsGMF_poster

We appreciate that you are here and are confident this will be another wonderful year at Tesfa. I believe in each and every one of you!

Stay Curious!
Ms. Becky