Rock ‘N Read Celebration!

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Our third, fourth and fifth grade students have been participating in the Rock ‘N’ Read program throughout the school year and today we celebrated their hard work and effort with a pizza party!

The Rock ‘n’ Read Project implements proven, research-based instructional  strategies that have demonstrated dramatic improvement in reading achievement. Neuroscience research has shown that beat syncronization (chanting and singing while keeping a beat) enables brains for language acquisition and reading. Singing is the fastest way to learn new vocabulary, and increase comprehension and fluency.

Our students had a great time singing and reading their way through the program this year and we saw tremendous gains for all our scholars!  Thanks to Bill and Ann for leading the program and celebrating with our kiddos today!

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Ms. Lauren’s Morning Message May 22, 2017

Good Morning Scholars!

Today marks the 12th to last day of school.  Can you believe how quickly the school year has flown by?  I am so proud of all the hard work and effort you have shown and how much you have grown as knowledgeable learners and as caring friends.  In these last few weeks I want you to about the concept of change.

How have you changed since the beginning of this school year?  You have learned many new things, you have developed new skills and now have new strategies for solving problems.  Be reflective of the change you have seen over the year and think about how you can continue to grow and learn as a PYP scholar even in the last few weeks of school.

We have a four day week so be sure to use every minute possible to work hard.  I know it can be difficult at this time of year to contain your excitement, especially with summer just around the corner.  However, we are still looking and listening for students that are showing our PYP attitudes each and every day.  Can you name all of the attitudes?  Which ones do you show most often?  Which ones are you working on?


Have a wonderful learning week.  Be curious, be kind, and work hard!

Ms. Lauren

Ms. Lauren’s Morning Message May 15, 2017

Good Morning Tesfa Scholars!

With only 17 days left of the school year I hope you are thinking about how you will leave a legacy at Tesfa.  Whether you are moving from Kindergarten to first grade, from 5th to 6th, or even from 6th grade onto a middle school, think about how your actions will leave an impact on the people and the places you leave behind.   Have you made helpful, caring choices?  Have you shown commitment to your learning? Do you empathize and cooperate with others?  Think about how you can demonstrate our PYP attitudes in these last few days of school so that you can leave a positive legacy at Tesfa.

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Remember that this week we have our Spring Family Night!  We will be engaging in fun science activities and we hope to see you all there! Spread the word and feel free to invite your friends and family members.

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Have a wonderful, curious, learning week!

Ms. Lauren

Ms. Lauren’s Morning Message May 8th, 2017

Good morning teachers and learners!

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend and were able to find balance.  The end of the school year can be a busy time.  We are rushing to finish projects at school, assessments are taking place, and we are completing many of our units of study.  Remember to take time to rest, relax and reset your mindset.  It is important that even in these last few weeks of school that we don’t let our excitement, or anxiety, get the best of us.  Take a deep breath if you find yourself feeling a strong emotion, try to pause and think about your choices, then act.  Make a choice that is both helpful to yourself and others.

We can use our creativity as we work through challenges in academics as well as challenges we face with other students or with own behavior.  Be mindful of how your emotions and actions can affect others.  Think carefully about your Essential Agreements and the big goals you set for yourself this year.  Stay focused, be calm, and work hard.

We have NWEA MAP testing beginning this week.  This is an opportunity for you to show what you know.  Be sure to try your best, read each question carefully and choose the best answer.  There is no rush to be the first one done, so again, take a deep breath, have confidence and show us how knowledgeable you are!

Have a fun and productive learning week.

Ms. Lauren






Ms. Lauren’s Morning Message Monday, May 1, 2017

Good Morning Creative Kids!  Happy May!

Can you believe we only have 27 days of school left?  As you learned at our all-school assembly last week we will be focusing on our last attitude of the month, which is creativity.  Being creative means using your imagination when solving problems and dilemmas.  It can also mean being creative in your writing, your thinking and your play.  You will be learning more about creativity this month in your classrooms and we will be looking to catch creative students throughout the building.  Think about ways you can use your creativity during this last month of school.

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This week we will be celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week!  This is a time to celebrate and thank all of the adults that work at Tesfa.  I am so proud of all of our teachers and staff members and I appreciate their commitment to our school every day.  Our teachers work hard to plan challenging and fun lessons, they help out with lunch duty and bus dismissal and they meet with me to think about how they can be better at their jobs.

imagesBeing a teacher takes a lot of work and it is and extremely important job.  During the week, think about how you can show appreciation for our teachers.   Maybe you could make a card, or say please and thank you when your teacher helps you.  Perhaps you can show appreciation by cooperating and following your classroom essential agreements.  What other ways can you show appreciation to the staff at Tesfa?

Work hard, be kind and have a great week!

Ms. Lauren


Ms. Lauren’s Morning Message Monday, April 24, 2017

Good Morning Confident Kids!

This past Saturday was Earth Day, which is an annual event celebrated worldwide on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection and to celebrate the natural world.  Have you been learning about Earth Day in your classroom?  Perhaps you have made connections to how you can help support the Earth by recycling, not wasting water or reusing materials in new ways.  I hope you take some time in the next few weeks to think about what action you can take to make the environment a better place.  Unknown

We have our monthly assembly coming up this Friday.  We will be recognizing students who have shown confidence in their daily work at school.  Perhaps this means you tried something new, or believed in yourself to accomplish a goal.   We look forward to gathering as a school community to recognize students that show our PYP attitudes on a daily basis.

MCA testing continues this week, so please be quiet and calm in the hallways.  This shows respect for our testing classrooms and allows students to concentrate and do their best on their exams.  Good luck to our testing scholars as you show what you know!

Have a great week!  Work hard and be caring.

Ms. Lauren

Ms. Lauren’s Morning Message April 17, 2017

Good Morning Confident Scholars,

I hope you enjoyed the long, beautiful weekend.  Did you notice how the spring rain has helped to make the grass turn greener?  Have you seen any plants growing buds, leaves and even flowers blooming?  Spring is a time that brings about many changes in the natural world and it can be fascinating to watch it happen.

We also find ourselves changing during this time of year.  We have learned many new things throughout the school year and are developing our social skills each day.  With fewer than forty days of school left think about what changes you still need or want to make.  You may be working hard to reach a new reading level, or you may be exploring ways to solve math problems.  Perhaps you are building bridges and testing materials through the engineering design process.  Whatever your goals may be, know that it is not too late to make a change in your commitment to learning, your habits or your attitude.

Some of our scholars will be taking the MCAs state tests this week and next.  I am confident that they will show what they know!  Please respect and support these classrooms by being quiet in the hallways and while using the bathroom.  Scholars that are testing- you’ve got this!  We are capable and well prepared.  Be confident in your ability to demonstrate your knowledge, read questions carefully and think deeply about your answers.

Have a wonderful learning week!  Stay curious, work hard and be kind.

Ms. Lauren

Ms. Lauren’s Morning Message- April 10, 2017

Good morning confident kids!

We are so glad to see you after our week off.  Hopefully you had time last week to relax, play outside and find balance between rest and hard work.  We are excited to have you back in our classrooms and I am sure your classmates and teachers would like to hear about what you did over break.  We only have four days of school this week, so be sure to get focused and remember to do your job.

One of our PYP attitudes is tolerance.  This means being sensitive to others’ differences and to care about their needs.  Can you imagine how much kinder and safer our world would be if each of us showed more tolerance to those around us?  Whether someone celebrates the same holidays as you, dresses differently, or has different family traditions, we can all appreciate one another and be respectful of our differences.  After all, it is important to remember that not everyone thinks or acts just like us, and that is okay.  At Tesfa we celebrate diversity and the differences among us.  How can you be tolerant and open-minded of others?

I will be looking and listening for PYP scholars throughout the week.  Be sure to follow our essential agreements, even on the bus or in the parent pick up room.  It is important that you remember to follow the rules of Tesfa while walking into and out of school each day and while riding on the bus.  Please stay in your seat, sitting seat to seat, back to back and please treat your bus driver with respect.  It is my hope that this month we can celebrate all of our busses for showing excellent attitudes and safe choices.

Have a great learning week!

Ms. Lauren