Good Morning Friends,

As you all know this is our last week of school!  I have written many morning messages throughout the year and I appreciate your commitment to reading them and thinking about my messages to you.  As a special treat today you will get to read a message from our oldest scholars.  The 6th graders decided to demonstrate their courage and their communication skills by writing the blog this morning.  They are excited to share an end of the year message with our school community.  Enjoy!


Happy Last Monday of School Scholars!

Do you remember the first day of school? What were you feeling or thinking on that first day? What events from the year do you remember the most?Unknown What are your favorite memories? If you opened the doors to your memories, what would you see? How have you changed from the beginning of the school year to the end of the school year?

As you go into the future, remember to practice using the PYP Attitudes that you have learned from Tesfa. Cooperate with others by always working together. Show Respect to other’s feelings and choices. Be Curious by learning about new things. Use Creativity by thinking up new ways to solve problems. Show Confidence by always being who you are! Have Integrity and do the right thing. Show Empathy to other people by putting yourself in their shoes. Be T]olerant and do not judge others. Demonstrate Commitment by giving your all at school and home. Be Independent and try to do things for yourself. Appreciate what you get and what you have by saying please and thank you. Be Enthusiastic by having a positive attitude!!


Keep learning and growing so you can follow your dreams and become an amazing, fantastic, beautiful, POWERFUL person. The harder you try to be your best the more able you are to become someone who can make a positive difference in our world!

Have a fabulous summer and keep it real!

6th Grade Scholars