Good Morning Scholars!

Today marks the 12th to last day of school.  Can you believe how quickly the school year has flown by?  I am so proud of all the hard work and effort you have shown and how much you have grown as knowledgeable learners and as caring friends.  In these last few weeks I want you to about the concept of change.

How have you changed since the beginning of this school year?  You have learned many new things, you have developed new skills and now have new strategies for solving problems.  Be reflective of the change you have seen over the year and think about how you can continue to grow and learn as a PYP scholar even in the last few weeks of school.

We have a four day week so be sure to use every minute possible to work hard.  I know it can be difficult at this time of year to contain your excitement, especially with summer just around the corner.  However, we are still looking and listening for students that are showing our PYP attitudes each and every day.  Can you name all of the attitudes?  Which ones do you show most often?  Which ones are you working on?


Have a wonderful learning week.  Be curious, be kind, and work hard!

Ms. Lauren