Good Morning Tesfa Scholars!

With only 17 days left of the school year I hope you are thinking about how you will leave a legacy at Tesfa.  Whether you are moving from Kindergarten to first grade, from 5th to 6th, or even from 6th grade onto a middle school, think about how your actions will leave an impact on the people and the places you leave behind.   Have you made helpful, caring choices?  Have you shown commitment to your learning? Do you empathize and cooperate with others?  Think about how you can demonstrate our PYP attitudes in these last few days of school so that you can leave a positive legacy at Tesfa.

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Remember that this week we have our Spring Family Night!  We will be engaging in fun science activities and we hope to see you all there! Spread the word and feel free to invite your friends and family members.

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Have a wonderful, curious, learning week!

Ms. Lauren