Good morning teachers and learners!

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend and were able to find balance.  The end of the school year can be a busy time.  We are rushing to finish projects at school, assessments are taking place, and we are completing many of our units of study.  Remember to take time to rest, relax and reset your mindset.  It is important that even in these last few weeks of school that we don’t let our excitement, or anxiety, get the best of us.  Take a deep breath if you find yourself feeling a strong emotion, try to pause and think about your choices, then act.  Make a choice that is both helpful to yourself and others.

We can use our creativity as we work through challenges in academics as well as challenges we face with other students or with own behavior.  Be mindful of how your emotions and actions can affect others.  Think carefully about your Essential Agreements and the big goals you set for yourself this year.  Stay focused, be calm, and work hard.

We have NWEA MAP testing beginning this week.  This is an opportunity for you to show what you know.  Be sure to try your best, read each question carefully and choose the best answer.  There is no rush to be the first one done, so again, take a deep breath, have confidence and show us how knowledgeable you are!

Have a fun and productive learning week.

Ms. Lauren