Good Morning Creative Kids!  Happy May!

Can you believe we only have 27 days of school left?  As you learned at our all-school assembly last week we will be focusing on our last attitude of the month, which is creativity.  Being creative means using your imagination when solving problems and dilemmas.  It can also mean being creative in your writing, your thinking and your play.  You will be learning more about creativity this month in your classrooms and we will be looking to catch creative students throughout the building.  Think about ways you can use your creativity during this last month of school.

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This week we will be celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week!  This is a time to celebrate and thank all of the adults that work at Tesfa.  I am so proud of all of our teachers and staff members and I appreciate their commitment to our school every day.  Our teachers work hard to plan challenging and fun lessons, they help out with lunch duty and bus dismissal and they meet with me to think about how they can be better at their jobs.

imagesBeing a teacher takes a lot of work and it is and extremely important job.  During the week, think about how you can show appreciation for our teachers.   Maybe you could make a card, or say please and thank you when your teacher helps you.  Perhaps you can show appreciation by cooperating and following your classroom essential agreements.  What other ways can you show appreciation to the staff at Tesfa?

Work hard, be kind and have a great week!

Ms. Lauren