Good Morning Confident Scholars,

I hope you enjoyed the long, beautiful weekend.  Did you notice how the spring rain has helped to make the grass turn greener?  Have you seen any plants growing buds, leaves and even flowers blooming?  Spring is a time that brings about many changes in the natural world and it can be fascinating to watch it happen.

We also find ourselves changing during this time of year.  We have learned many new things throughout the school year and are developing our social skills each day.  With fewer than forty days of school left think about what changes you still need or want to make.  You may be working hard to reach a new reading level, or you may be exploring ways to solve math problems.  Perhaps you are building bridges and testing materials through the engineering design process.  Whatever your goals may be, know that it is not too late to make a change in your commitment to learning, your habits or your attitude.

Some of our scholars will be taking the MCAs state tests this week and next.  I am confident that they will show what they know!  Please respect and support these classrooms by being quiet in the hallways and while using the bathroom.  Scholars that are testing- you’ve got this!  We are capable and well prepared.  Be confident in your ability to demonstrate your knowledge, read questions carefully and think deeply about your answers.

Have a wonderful learning week!  Stay curious, work hard and be kind.

Ms. Lauren