Good morning confident kids!

We are so glad to see you after our week off.  Hopefully you had time last week to relax, play outside and find balance between rest and hard work.  We are excited to have you back in our classrooms and I am sure your classmates and teachers would like to hear about what you did over break.  We only have four days of school this week, so be sure to get focused and remember to do your job.

One of our PYP attitudes is tolerance.  This means being sensitive to others’ differences and to care about their needs.  Can you imagine how much kinder and safer our world would be if each of us showed more tolerance to those around us?  Whether someone celebrates the same holidays as you, dresses differently, or has different family traditions, we can all appreciate one another and be respectful of our differences.  After all, it is important to remember that not everyone thinks or acts just like us, and that is okay.  At Tesfa we celebrate diversity and the differences among us.  How can you be tolerant and open-minded of others?

I will be looking and listening for PYP scholars throughout the week.  Be sure to follow our essential agreements, even on the bus or in the parent pick up room.  It is important that you remember to follow the rules of Tesfa while walking into and out of school each day and while riding on the bus.  Please stay in your seat, sitting seat to seat, back to back and please treat your bus driver with respect.  It is my hope that this month we can celebrate all of our busses for showing excellent attitudes and safe choices.

Have a great learning week!

Ms. Lauren