Good Morning Thinkers!

I hope you had a restful weekend.  It is important for each of us to take time to find balance in our lives.  That might mean that we read a book that we enjoy, play outside, or spend time with friends and family.  As a PYP student, balance is an important attribute of the Learner Profile.  In addition to working hard at school everyday on academic tasks, it’s important to make room for things that renew our energy.  What types of things help you relax and recharge?

This week I want you to think about your choices and how they impact others.  From the time you get on the bus, your ride to school, walking into your classroom and throughout the entire day you have many opportunities to follow directions, be enthusiastic and make respectful choices.  Even when others are not following directions, you can chose to do the right thing.  Be independent and be respectful.  Be caring to yourself, your classmates and your teachers.  If you are asked to take a break, take a break respectfully and prepare yourself to come back to the learning.  If you are asked to go to a buddy room, go there quickly and quietly and return to class ready to make different choices.  Even if we make mistakes we can always learn something and turn our behavior around.

As a reminder, there is no school on Friday so that teachers can spend time working and developing new skills.   Teachers need to learn and be curious too!  Have a great week.

Work hard and be caring,

Ms. Lauren