Good Morning Enthusiastic Learners!

Did you notice a difference this weekend when we observed Daylight Savings?  Twice a year we change our clocks to make better use of daylight.  In the Spring we move one hour from the morning to the evening to allow for a longer day.  Can you think of any reasons why this change might be helpful?

This week you will see many visitors in our building.  We welcome Minnehaha Academy high school students and their teachers to Tesfa.  These visitors are participating in a Cultural Field Experience where they spend time getting to know a community that is different from their own.  The high schoolers will be assisting our Kindergarten through 4th grade classrooms.  Be sure to welcome them into our community and show them what it looks like, sounds like and feels like to be a PYP scholar at Tesfa.

With just a few weeks left before Spring break it can be easy to get distracted.  Stay focused on the learning tasks in your classroom and show enthusiasm about being at school.  You have just a few more days to commit to learning before you get a week off to rest, relax and recharge.  Keep up the good work!

With Spring right around the corner there weather can change quickly.  Remember to come to school prepared with your coat, hat, gloves and even boots on the snowy days- just don’t forget your shoes for PE!

Have a wonderful week.  Work hard and stay curious.

Ms. Lauren