Good Morning Empathetic Scholars!

Welcome back to a four day week full of learning and celebrating.  Throughout the month of February we have been learning about how we can show commitment and empathy.  On Tuesday we will celebrate these attitudes and show our appreciate for the students who have consistently demonstrated these attitudes in their classrooms and in our school community.

One of the best parts of my job is getting the opportunity to experience the learning that is happening in classrooms.  Last week I was invited to watch a performance of Reader’s Theater in our 6th grade classroom.  Ms. Susie’s class worked hard to prepare for their performance by learning about the text, practicing their lines and preparing for reading in front of an audience.  My hope is that I can come visit more classrooms to see and hear the wonderful things you are learning.


Speaking of learning, this week we will have the opportunity to meet with your families to discuss what you know and what you are working on.  We have parent-teacher conferences this Wednesday and Thursday to reflect on how well you are doing in school and to share our new goals for you with your parents.

Have a great week.  Work hard and be kind,

Ms. Lauren