Good Morning Kind Kids!

Did you know that this week is recognized as Random Acts of Kindness week?  It is a week to celebrate the many ways that we can spread kindness to others on a daily basis.  What are some small ways you can spread kindness in your classroom, in our school, or in your community?  Think about holding the door for someone behind you, thanking Ms. Ayan and Ms. Seynab as they serve lunch, or maybe writing a kind note for your bus driver. These are all ways you can show kindness to people around you.


This week we are having our Literacy Night on Thursday from 5-6:30pm. This is a night to celebrate literacy and engage in fun activities like flashlight reading, word games, and story telling with puppets.  We look forward to seeing your family at Tesfa for this special night.


Have a wonderful and productive week filled with leaning and kindness.  I look forward to learning about the kind things happening around the building.

Kindly, Ms. Lauren