Good morning PYP Scholars!

Today is the start of a new week and each day offers an opportunity to start fresh with positive attitudes and a mindset that sets us up for success.  As your teachers we work hard to prepare lessons that are challenging, interesting and fun so that you can expand your knowledge and meet your academic goals.  We also spend time thinking about how we can support you socially, through things like morning meeting, helping you with conflict-resolution and reflecting on choices when we make mistakes.  We have a big job of balancing the academic and social skills that we teach you and it is important that you help us every day.  Think about what “your job” is at school each day and the ways you can help one another with academic and social success.

This week your mid-year report cards will be going home to your families.  Your report card is a snapshot of what you know and are able to do so far this year.  Just as we teach you both academic and social skills, your report card will show how much progress you are making in these areas.  Your report card shows how much you are learning in content areas like reading, math, science and social studies.  It also shows how committed you are to learning with Ms. Natalie and Mr. Omar.  Another part of the report card shows your development of some of our PYP transdiciplinary skills, such as communication, social skills, self-management, thinking and research skills.  It is important to talk to your families about your report card and reflect on the many wonderful things you are learning this year, and think about where you can continue to grow.

As a community of PYP learners it is importance to find balance in all that we do.  Work hard, ask questions and be caring.  Have a great week!

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Ms. Lauren