Dear learners,

Welcome back to school!  The weather this week will continue to get colder.  Please remember to wear your winter gear to school.  We don’t want anything to get in the way of our learning.

This month we are focusing on the PYP Attitude of Tolerance. Being tolerant means you are working toward feeling sensitivity towards differences and diversity in the world and are responsive to the needs of others. The PYP Learner Profile Attribute of open-mindedness connects to being tolerant. Being open-minded means you know people may speak, act and look differently than you. It means you understand that not everyone will think and believe in things like you do and that is okay. An open-minded person will listen and try to understand others. Remember, as a PYP family of learners, it is important that we choose actions to show we are open-minded people.

Each new day we are faced with challenges and new opportunities. There are times a challenge can seem small and easy to overcome. Other times, they can feel as though it is an impossible task. Please understand no matter how easy or difficult the challenge is before you, we are here to support you!.

Stay curious!
Ms. Becky