Salutations Students,

Welcome back to school! Each day is a new day, a day we get to start fresh and make new choices. Remember your classroom Essential Agreements?  Take time to review those today.  Reflect on your choices over the past month of school.  Think about the choices you make each day and the actions you take. Are you following your Essential Agreements?

The PYP Action cycle helps us learn and grow.  When we gain new knowledge, we need to think “What is my responsibility now that I have this new information?”  For example, if you know that walking quietly in the halls allows everyone to focus in classrooms as well as keeps everyone safe, make a choice to walk quietly and act this way every time in hall.  “Everyday Actions” or small choices you make daily show us how you are becoming a more knowledgeable, caring, and principled PYP student.

Our all school assembly is this Friday, October 28th.  This is a time for our whole school to come together to recognize all our hard work this month.  We have been focusing on the Attitudes of Respect and Integrity. Reflect on how you are showing these Attitudes each day at home, on the bus, in school and in the community!

Stay curious!

Ms. Becky