Hello Peacemakers,

Welcome back to another wonderful week of school. It looks as though the weather all this week is going to be beautiful but the days are starting to become cooler. Remember to dress for the weather. Fall in Minnesota is the best!
During the school day you are practicing a lot of skills. In fact, as you are reading this you are practicing your reading and listening skills. Today I want you to think about our PYP Social Skills. Resolving a conflict or problem means that when people disagree, we try to find ways to fix it. Sometimes people disagree and that is okay. However, just because two people have a different perspective doesn’t mean they need to argue.

If you find yourself in an argument, we hope you can find a way to stop it and solve the problem peacefully by listening to another perspective.

October is National Bully Prevention Month. Bullying is a behavior. It is when people use their power to hurt or scare others on purpose. Bullying can hurt everyone. Kids who are bullied sometimes have a hard time standing up for themselves. Over the next few weeks you may be talking in your class about how to show kindness toward yourself and others.  Tesfa is a safe place and we will not allow hurtful comments or actions.  Let’s work together to make every student feel welcome and appreciated!


Stay curious!

Ms. Becky