Good Morning Kind and Caring Kids!

I hope your weekend was relaxing and fun.  Taking the time to be balanced allows you to return to school well-rested with your mind ready to learn. What new things did you learn this weekend?  Did something surprise you or did you take a risk?

This week we are talking about being safe on the bus.  Every student will ride the bus at some point this year.  You may ride the bus to school or take the bus while on a field trip. It is important that you understand how to ride the bus safely.

Below are our essential agreements for riding the bus:

Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 12.28.47 PM.png


If you have trouble on the bus or need help with something that you cannot solve yourself, please inform the bus driver.  Riding the bus is a privilege.  If you cannot follow the rules or are creating an unsafe environment for yourself or others, you will lose the privilege of riding the bus.  I hope that everyone shows us that they can ride the bus safely.

Respectfully yours,

Ms. Becky