Happy Monday PYP Friends,

Every student deserves to feel safe at Tesfa. Students show they are safe by learning to solve problems peacefully. Hitting, pushing, shoving and any other physical contact are hurtful actions and never help to solve problems.

Being a communicator can help others understand what you need. If you need someone to change their behavior, offer them an “I-Statement”.  An example of an “I-Statement could look like this:

I feel annoyed because you keep distracting me when I am working.  I need you to stop talking to me when I am trying to learn.”

When trying to solve a problem with a friend, try using an “I-Statement”.
Sometimes we are faced with tough choices. People may say or do things that make us mad or hurt us. Others may choose to not follow directions even when told. It is important to remember that even when faced with a difficult situation, you have choices. We ask that you, a PYP student, reflect on the choices you make each day. What do your actions say about your commitment to being respectful and knowledgeable students? Remember, every day is a new day with new opportunities.

As PYP teachers, our goal is to ensure you leave us each day knowledgeable and thoughtful about the world.  We hope you grow up to be adults filled with commitment, integrity and empathy.

How can you show your commitment during math or demonstrate empathy during work time?  Practice being confident and independent in your communication skills by writing everyday. Show appreciation and respect by being a good listener. With effort and cooperation, you can and will achieve your hopes and dreams.  I am so proud to be your PYP Director!

Stay Curious!
Ms. Becky