Salutations Safe and Cooperative Students,

Today we welcome two new faces to our Tesfa family.  Ms. Nicole will be our Assistant Director this year and Ms. Patti will be working alongside Ms. Mariam as our Office Manager.  Please give them a beautiful Tesfa smile and wave as you see them today.  Fear not everyone, Ms. Lauren is using her amazing talents to educate our first grade scholars this year so you will continue to see her in our school. Together we are all working to make Tesfa the best school ever!

Each day we hope you come to school enthusiastic and willing to learning new things. We appreciate your commitment to learning and also your confidence to ask questions when you don’t understand. We respect students who show independence and work to solve their own problems.

Do you recognize the words in bold? You got it…these are our PYP Attitudes. As members of a PYP community, we work hard to think of creative ways to teach you what these attitudes mean.

This week we will have our first fire drill.  During a drill, we practice what we would do in case of a real emergency.  When you hear the announcement, please follow your teacher’s direction and move quietly and calmly.  It is important that you do not talk during an emergency (or a drill) so you can hear any directions your teacher may need to give you in order to keep you safe.  We will practice many different ways we keep you safe throughout the year. Please show integrity during this event.
Stay Curious!
Ms. Becky

p.s. Which two of the twelve Attitudes are missing?