Happy Monday Scholars,

Over the past few days I have seen many classrooms working hard to get to know one another and build community.  It is important to understand we are all part of this Tesfa  family. In this family we will support, respect, and value each and every person.  At Tesfa we expect you to Live, Learn and Leave a Legacy.

Live the Profile by practicing the 10 Attributes. We do this by being knowledgeable, caring, open-minded, thinkers, courageous, principled, communicators, balanced, inquirers, and reflective.

Learn through inquiry by asking questions and being engaged in learning.

Leave a Legacy by taking action to make our school, community and world a better place.

This month we will explore our Hopes and Dreams for the new school year.  A Hope and Dream is a goal that you have for yourself.  Soon you will be sharing and celebrating your hopes and dreams with your class.  I can’t wait to hear about your goals for the year!


Stay curious!

Ms. Becky