Happy Monday Thinkers,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend full of laughter and smiles. Yesterday some of you may have spent the day with your mom, showing her just how much you appreciate her. However, not all families look the same and not everyone has a mother. Families are created in all sort of different ways and can have many different members. I hope that yesterday you took a moment to celebrate YOUR family.

Transformation is another word for change. Change is a good thing and change is necessary. This year we hope you have changed or transformed. Perhaps you have learned to read or have become a better reader, learned how to be a better friend, or grew an inch taller. Whatever CHANGE you have experienced this year has made you who you are today. Take a moment to reflect on how you have changed this past year.

Even though exciting things are happening at the end of the year, you need to remember each day you are here is a day of learning. Focus your attention, listen to teacher directions, and stay committed by participating in class. Please remember to have self-control, use indoor voices, and be respectful. REFLECT on this message and your past ACTIONS. CHOOSE to make it a great day.

Stay Curious!

Ms. Becky