Happy New Year!

Welcome back to school! I hope you had an enjoyable break.  Since you have been away from school for quite a few days, we will be taking time this week to remind you about our expectations at Tesfa.

In August, each of us created our Hopes and Dreams for this school year. Please be reflective, have you already achieved your goal? If so, think about creating a new Hope and Dream. If you have not already achieved your goal, keep working hard. You can do it!

Your teachers have many wonderful things planned for you this week to help you reach your goals. Please show them you are ready to be an active participant by showing curiosity, taking risks to try new things, and remain open-minded to new ideas and ways of thinking. You deserve the best education and we are here to give it to you!

We want each one of you to achieve your Hopes and Dreams and to do this you need to be in school every day. Please show commitment by doing your best to be here ready to learn. The winter season in Minnesota brings very cold weather so you need to wear a winter coat, a hat, and mittens to school each day. If you are planning on playing in the snow you should also bring boots and snow pants.

Happy 2016 and stay curious!
Ms. Becky