Happy Monday Tesfa Scholars,

We know that winter break can be an exciting time. Please remember to SHOW what you KNOW.  This includes listening to your teachers, being respectful to your classmates, and following our essential agreements.

At Tesfa we expect students to Live, Learn, and Leave a Legacy. We expect this in the classroom, in the hallways, in the bathroom, and on the bus. Today I want to talk with you all about Living, Learning, and Leaving a Legacy in the community. You are faced with choices every time you are in school, at home and out in the community.  The choices you make on the bus home from school show us how much you Live the Profile in your daily life.  Respecting other people’s space and property, using kind words and safe actions show us you are knowledgeable, principled, and caring.

Let’s enjoy these last two days together in 2015 in a respectful, peaceful and calm way. Please take care of yourself over break and we are so excited to see you return January 4, 2016!

Stay curious!

Ms. Becky