Dear Communicators,

Reflect, choose, act. These are words that we should think about every day. We hope Tesfa scholars are knowledgeable of our learning objectives but we also hope every student is excited about learning. What we do with our knowledge and learning, or the actions we show, is how we can leave a legacy in our school, community, and world.

I challenge classes to reflect, choose, and act. Next week, I am offering a chance for your classroom to practice your communication and presentation skills by writing a morning message that will be displayed to the entire school and our global community. Please take a moment to reflect on issues you feel are important for the school with your class. Choose a topic you would like to focus your message around and write a message for the entire school to see.

Submit your messages to me by the end of the day Friday. We want to hear what you are passionate about and we believe that each and every one of you can make a difference. We are looking for creativity and cooperation. Are you up for the challenge?

Stay Curious!

Ms. Becky