Good morning appreciative students,

This is a short week due to our American Thanksgiving Day holiday.  Even though it is a short week, we still expect you to stay committed to learning by focusing on your work and be respectful by following teacher directions. We are confident that you are able to show us these Attitudes!

Throughout the year we need to pause and reflect on our own personal progress towards becoming the Profile.  There are ten Attributes to the Profile.  Today I want you to take a moment to think quietly about your actions and mindset.

Open-Minded: Am I open to new and different ideas and the opinion of others?

Courageous: Do I have the courage to try new and unfamiliar things even though they may be scary or I may fail?

Caring: Do I work to make a positive difference in the world?  Do I show empathy, compassion and respect towards the feelings of others?

Principled: Am I responsible for my own actions and accept the consequences that accompany these actions? Do I behave in honest ways that are respectful to my classroom, family and school?

Knowledgeable: Do I look for ways to gain more in-depth information, context or understanding about things that are significant locally and globally?

Communicator: Do I understand and express my ideas confidently and in more than one way? Do I make choices to express my feelings in clear ways to solve problems or seek understanding?

Thinker:  Do I think critically about what I am learning, reading or being told?

Balanced: Do I make choices to grow my body, mind and spirit?

Reflective: Do I remember to stop and think about my choices and actions?  Do I think critically about my experiences and learning and the outcomes?

Inquirer: Do I enjoy learning new things? Do I ask questions to learn new information or just accept the information that is given to me? Do I ask why, how do you know or look for perspective?

This is hard work.  Thank you for your efforts to make yourself the best PYP student you can be.  I believe in each one of you!

Stay curious!

Ms. Becky