Wake up Wonderful Workers!

It is time to open your minds and hearts to another day of learning.    At Tesfa we expect you to take a personal responsibility for your education and time management. We would like you to try doing this by filling in the sentence below either independently or with your class:

Today I want to improve ______________ because___________.  I plan to do this by ….”

I love when Tesfa scholars greet me each day with a happy, silent hello. A happy, silent hello looks like a smile and a wave without any noise. When you are doing this you are using your non-verbal communication skills to say hello.


You can say a lot without even talking. Your non-verbal communication, or body language, can tell us if you are mad, disappointed, annoyed, frustrated, or excited. For example, if you roll your eyes at someone, it can say that you don’t like what that person is saying or doing in a disrespectful way.

Think about what your actions and body language communicates to others. How can use your non-verbal communication skills to make others feel welcome and appreciated today?

Stay curious!

Ms. Becky