Good morning communicators!

Today I want to talk you about being a communicator, or more specifically, how we use words. Words can be funny, confusing, scary, exciting, and informative. They can paint us beautiful pictures, tell us grand stories, or teach us new ideas.

Words can also be hurtful. They can be used to put us down, tease us, discriminate, and bully. These words will not be tolerated in our school.

Reflect. How are you using words in your daily life? What is your responsibility when using words in our school and community? At Tesfa we use our knowledge (what we know) to communicate our thoughts and beliefs. The words we use define who we are. Be principled. Only use words that promote the Attitudes of respect, tolerance, cooperation, and appreciation.

Show you have integrity and do and SAY what is right and respectful, even when you think no one is watching or listening.


Stay Curious!

Ms. Becky