Monday, October 19 2015

Hello Kind and Caring Kids,

Welcome to another wonderful week of learning.  Wasn’t that a beautiful but chilly October weekend?  We hope you were able to spend some time outside appreciating the sunny weather.

During the school day you are practicing a lot of skills.  In fact, as you are reading this you are practicing your reading and listening skills.  Today we want you to think about our PYP Social Skills.  Resolving a conflict or problem means that when we have a problem, we try to find ways to fix it. There may be times people disagree and that is okay.  However, just because two people have a different perspective doesn’t mean they need to argue. If you find yourself in an argument, we hope you can find a way to stop it and solve the problem peacefully by listening to each other’s perspective.

There may be times we are faced with tough choices.  People may say or do things that make us mad or hurt us.  Others may choose to not follow directions even when told.  It is important to remember that even when faced with a difficult situation, you have choices.  We ask that you, a PYP student, reflect on the choices you make each day.  What do your actions say about your commitment to being respectful and knowledgeable students? Remember, every day is a new day with new opportunities.

Stay Curious!

Ms. Becky