Welcome back Tesfa Scholars!

I cannot believe we are in our third week together.  Time flies when we are working hard and learning new things.  Last week your class talked about your Hopes and Dream for the school year.  Did you know that every teacher in the building also has a Hope and Dream for the year? We are planning to work very hard to help each of you achieve your goals.

In order for all of us to achieve our Hopes and Dreams, we need to create Essential Agreements.   Essential means extremely important and absolutely necessary.  Instead of teachers just telling you rules, each of you have been working with your class to create agreements of how the class will function or work together.  Essential Agreements are what we need to build a safe, caring, and respectful school.  Every student is expected to follow their class agreements.

Today we will have our first fire drill.  During a drill, we practice what we would do in case of a real emergency.  When you hear the announcement, please follow your teacher’s direction and move quietly and calmly.  It is important that you do not talk during an emergency (or a drill) so you can hear any directions your teacher may need to give you in order to keep you safe.  We will practice many different ways we keep you safe throughout the year.

Stay curious!

Ms. Becky

P.S.- ALL students should now be in uniform every day!