Good Morning Tesfa Scholars, Teachers, Families and Friends!

Welcome back to our second week of school! We hope you are ready for a thrilling year of inquiry, discovery and learning.  I am so excited to welcome you all to our Tesfa family.

Today we may stop by your classroom to say hello or we may simply greet you in the hallway. One quiet way to say hello while you are in the hallway is to give a friendly smile and a silent wave. We do this to show respect as we do not want to disrupt the learning happening in the classrooms. Practice this today!

This month you will be learning a lot about our procedures and expectations while getting to know your classmates and teachers. We think it is very important for you to feel welcomed, valued and respected here at Tesfa. At times we may need to get your attention to give you directions, tell you important information, or remind you of our expectations. In order to make sure everyone hears the same message, we will give our school-wide signal called “Give Me Five”.GMF_poster

When we raise out hand we should see:
1. Eyes on the speakers
2. Voices turned off
3. Bodies calm and still
4. Ears listening
5. Hands free of materials

We appreciate that you are here and we are confident this will be a wonderfully successful year at Tesfa. I believe in each and every one of you!

Stay Curious!

Ms. Becky, Director